Thursday, February 16, 2012

Volks A3 Fubuki Review

First Review of this year!

It has been quite a sometime already when i make a review as i was away for 2 months and finally this time i am starting the Review section again. This time i am reviewing the 2nd Volks A3 toy that i bought for 2000 yen which is Fubuki and this particular version is using Japan Imperial Guard color scheme which i mistook it with UN version back then.

 Fubuki(Snowstorm in japanese) is the 3rd Generation TSF and probably the first TSF solely developed by Japanese Imperial Guard unlike Gekishin or Kagerou. Despite being a 3rd generation TSF, its overall performance is only on par with F-15 Eagle as this TSF is meant for training new Eishis. In Muvluv Alternative, this version of Fubuki never appear and probably this TSF is used in Mock Battles early in Total Eclipse. Personally i think the role of Fubuki was significantly changed in Alternative considering there is a possibility that Fubuki is also a Combat TSF since it was shown in supposedly Sadogashima operation in Muv-luv Unlimited OP.

I don't really have many things to say about Fubuki considering it shares same armaments with Takemikazuchi which i usually discuss about. Despite having a performance of a 2nd gen TSF, the main character managed to survive a Coup d'etat arc where his squad are attacked by bunch of Shiranuis though it is partly due to his skill and the OS he invented.

This is the first time i tried my DSLR and apparently the results slightly differed with my target which i will try to improve from now on. From this toy i have just realized why people says that Volks A3 had really bad articulation. My F-14D didn't really suffer this particular problem as it is one of the newer product of the lineup and apparently Fubuki had some bad articulation especially the knee which barely able to bend.

As an advice if you are looking for Volks A3 toys, i would suggest to get the ones from 5th Generation and onward which have better articulation compared to the older series. Despite this lineup will never be as articulate as the Revoltech counterpart, i still find this lineup is better due to the design quality which just looks great. If you want to see the full array of the Volks A3 lineup, here is the link.


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