Monday, February 27, 2012

SRW Original Generations OG2

Here comes the main course!

Just like Alpha 3 finally i completed this game a year after i played OGs1 around the same time last year. I would you don't really play OGs until you touched OGs because the first part is merely an appetizer. Compared to the GBA counterpart, OGs outperform the game in every aspect which makes it truly a definitive version of OG saga.

The overall plot of OGs OG2 still remains pretty much the same since all events in GBA version still have the same outcome in OGs. However in OGs, the OG2 gets additional 10 stages (so it is 50 stages in total) which provides some buildup for the sequel with introduction of SRW R originals for the main one and show how some events regarding to the OG2 setting like how Giganscudo gets upgraded for instance.

In terms of Difficulty i find the game is harder compared to the GBA version for some reason. I dunno whether i play the game in wrong way or not but the enemies in this game seems to be harder to kill and some stages are really big pain like the Diskastes stage.

One of the few reasons you should get this game instead the GBA version is due to the battle Animation which is the best that Banpresto could offer at that time. With voiceover added, it become even more glorious especially with Alfimi who had kinda cute way of speaking. BGM also get solid upgrade with some characters getting new theme.

The final boss in this game is just like in the GBA version which is the Leader of Einsts. The difference of the Final boss is that there is no 2nd phase for the final stage anymore and you don't have to prevent the final boss to reach corner of the stage. Personally i find the final stage is easier compared to the previous 2 stages. Despite the enemies had huge chunk of HP, they are barely able to hit you and Final Boss is easier compared to Zweizergain or the Inspectors which i had harder time with them.

 Once you finished OG2 you are able to continue to OGs 2.5 which is the dessert serving as some sneak peak for OG Gaiden. There are 12 stages which cover introduction of Shuras and Compatible Kaiser but the main plot is the Bartool Arc which is also animated as OVA. You don't really need to finish this part since all of the stages also appear in OGG. However, if you don't mind, you could get extra 50000 credit in OGG for finishing OG 2.5 .

This is my ace for OG2 run which is rather expected by me. Masaki always steal the first place with his ever broken Cyflash though hope in OGs2 he would be a better boss killer. As a closure, if you had access for this game, go for it since it is the definitive version of OG Saga and you can skip the GBA version directly as long though you need to be able to read little bit of Japanese. Nevertheless this SRW is one of the more solid title for SRW lineup in PS2


  1. Nice overview. Looks a little too dialogue based for me.

    1. Not really Tom, i would say SRW just had mediocre amount of text compared to some RPG series like Sora no Kiseki for instance.