Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SRW Alpha 3 Cobray route finished!

Finally my patience really paid off really well.

Yesterday i managed to finish my 3rd playthrough of Alpha 3 with Cobray after more than one year i played SRW Alpha 3. I was slightly delayed to finish the game from initial plan due to some distraction by Skyrim but in the end i find my patience not to use Cobray until the 3rd playthrough really worth the trouble since i tend to save the best for the last. Definitely Cobray is my favorite route out of all playthroughs that i went through in Alpha 3.

In the past i was introduced to Dis Astranagant long ago before i played Alpha 3 and what makes me really interested with Cobray when i saw Ingram in one of Astranagant's attack and that was the time when i haven't played any SRW other than OG series in GBA.

In terms of character development, probably Touma is way more developed to Cobray and probably others as well, since he starts from zero and become a hero in the end. Despite Cobray doesn't have as much character development compared to Touma, when it comes to awesome moments Cobray probably is probably more or equal compared with Touma even he didn't kick 100 grunts's ass during his debut.

As i finished Cobray's route, i managed to clarify few things up about Cobray. I find that in the end, Cobray is Ingram and not him at the same time. Apparently Cobray Gordon is another one of the Barshem clone and considered as flawed by the Balmars and just like a clone, he didn't really have any emotion at first. However during his route Cobray gained a heart especially due to his encounter with Arado and Seolla and chosen to be Ingram's successor by Ingram himself (though he planned to take over his body at first). This makes his rival Calico despise him since he is more perfect clone of Ingram despise him as he believe that he is more deserved to be Ingram's sucessor. It seems like Princess Almana had a crush with Cobray as she tried to scout him to join Balmarian in the end of the game. Also for some reason it seems that Calico and Spectra really hates their real name.

In this playthrough i managed to to learn some new things and unlock some secrets that i didn't get back then. I managed to get Duel Gundam this time which is a decent support unit but didn't really worth the hassle and i can't be bothered to get IWSP which is just too much a hassle for me in this game compared to other SRW. I also find some weird glitch in this playthrough where Max and Milia got lots of PP(thousands lol) each time they join up temporarily despite i spent all of the PP when they temporarily joins which sums even more compared to the PP that i got for Cobray in the first time. This makes both of them really powerful despite i didn't give a FUB on their units as they easily dish out 10k damage with normal attacks.

By the 3rd playthrough most of my units hits really hard already since i got plenty of cash carried over from previous playthrough which makes all stages went like a breeze. However i was slightly disappointed with Arado since his Wildwurger is not a good grunt killer and meant to be boss killer which others still do better. However since i have been a fan of Wildwurger i tried my best to make Arado to be one of my Ace pilots which is slightly hard job as most enemies are always going at other guys during their turn.

But despite my slight disappointment with Wildwurger, Dis Astranagant exceeds my expectations and this thing is pretty much a Death incarnate in the game. Cobray managed to rack up so much kills as the enemy always going at him and eat Astranagant's Meth Asher which one shots all grunts but Buff Clan's battleship. While it is partly due to lots of PP accumulation at the point i managed to cap one of Cobray's stats, Dis Astranagant is a hard hitter for bosses as well. The Ain Soph Aur can one shot STMC smallest battleship with a single hotblood and easily reach 40-50k of damage by the end of the game. But i bet Dis Astranagant could even dish 30k of damage at least in the first playthrough.

With Cobray's route finished i think it will be really a long time before i touched Alpha 3 again in which i will do Kusuha's if i ever touch it again. I also expect Cobray's appearance would be really glorious in OG saga though it probably will happen around the 3rd series which will be still a long time. After this i am planning to play OGs while waiting my copy for Masou kishin to come.


  1. Told ya, the Dis is rape incarnate in this game. I didn't even gave any support units to Cobray, as I always deployed him as the sole unit of a entire squad, he is that awesome.
    Did you unlock the last special stage of the game? You do it once you beat the routes of all the 4 characters and all possible stages concerning your decisions of where to go.

  2. totally agree with you Beamknight! it seems like Banpresto intended to make this guy to be a mini Ideon with less complicated requirement which is just cool for me lol.

    I haven't done Kusuha's yet so i didn't get to access the special stage which i recall allow you to use the 4 main protagonists as well.