Sunday, May 24, 2015

Clannad Anime

7 Years ago this anime is quite a big thing but never gave it a watch since i played the VN already but listening to LIA's song makes me interested to give the anime a watch. So far i watched the first season and since it is anime the format is rather different with branching stories the VN had. In the Anime the story of each character is made to be revolving around Tomoya and the main heroine Nagisa and Kotomi doesn't get her route with Tomoya. Fortunately Kyou and Tomoyo got their own dedicated one episode for their respective routes. Just like the VN Clannad offers heartwarming story of having family but considering the anime is split to two parts the heartwrenching ones are saved on the later one. Since i have completed reading the VN, i feel that i don't lose much if i missed the anime. Just like some VN adaptations i feel that the Clannad anime is meant to complement the VN and i do cracked on laughing from time to time as i watched the anime. While you can get most of the series story from watching the anime, at the end of the day you will need to read the VN in order to get full experience of the series. Since i heard After Story will be tearjerking i wonder i will be able to shed one if the VN barely able to faze me.

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