Thursday, May 7, 2015

LOGH Character Discussion

It is such a great relief for me after i have posted the character quotes of LOGH which had been a side project of mine few while ago. I wished i could have done it sooner i am still pleased that i am able to achieve this goal at last. So this post will be like some afterwords for my LOGH posts which i will discuss my view on the main stars of this series; Reinhard and Yang Wenli.

In a nutshell Legend of Galactic Heroes is about a showcase of struggle between corrupt democracy and ideal autocracy. Nevertheless it wouldn't have worked without the main stars of the series that represent each sides, Yang Wenli and Reinhard Von Lohengramm. In essence the main quality for both characters if interpreted in 4 Platonic Virtues would be Courage and Justice for Reinhard and as for Yang it is Wisdom and Moderation which is kinda polar and that makes them really good rivals.

It was Reinhard's Courage and Sense of Justice that lead him able to overthrow the decadent Goldenbaum dynasty and that was the very quality of him to lead an empire encompassing galaxies known to men and have competent subordinates follow him loyally. However Reinhard's lack of wisdom lead him to make a choice that he regretted for his life (but he is very wise already for a man of his age). As for Yang Wenli it was his Wisdom that leads him wins the unwinnable battle and survive through many perils while it was his moderation that makes him true to himself despite he got many chances to overthrow the incompetent government. However it was his lack of Courage that lead him to hesitate making choices that could have changed his life. But to Yang i guess it doesn't matter because he made all of his decisions that feels works the best for him and i feel he did live a full life.

If i was asked to pick a side, i would have picked Reinhard by slight margin. Not because Yang is not good enough but something that makes Reinhard feels an ideal person to serve with because he walks toward the worthy goal in mental sense. If you can pick a side which one you have picked?

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