Sunday, May 31, 2015

Record of Lodoss War Anime

I have been familiar with Lodoss Senki from the Eiyuu Kishiden manga and watched the OVA halfway in the past. And i used my time on this weekend to marathon the series from the first OVA till the Tv Series but doesn't bother to watch the last 2 OVAs since the anime drawing style is just horrible. The OVA is definitely one of the best animated anime in that time which was a real feat as it was made back in 1990 and it even puts your average present animation to shame not to mention it is one of the best Fantasy JRPG anime out there. As for the TV series, while it is not as good as the OVA it follows the Novel story more faithfully and i am more fan of Spark's story since i guess it shows better portrayal of a boy's journey to find the meaning of a Knight or probably i am just biased since i get into the series through Eiyuu Kishiden. Compared to the manga the Eiyuu Kishiden Anime is slightly different since i recall Ashram didn't even show up the manga but the story ended roughly the same.

Lodoss Senki OVA is probably what makes elves popular in Japan due to Deedlit which definitely leaves a lasting impact and the OVA is quite good hurdle for other JRPG anime whether they are able to surpass the standard or not. I still hope there will be enough popularity for the series to get another anime perhaps reworking of Crystania or covering other parts of the series story like Maiden of Pharis which cover the story of the 6 Heroes. For those who haven't watched the series before, go watch the OVA at very least, it is one of the most beautifully drawn Fantasy anime out there. Which pairing you prefer? Pirotess x Ashram or Deedlit x Parn?

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