Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Starship Troopers Invasion

Watched the trailer years ago since recently got somehow interested with Starship Trooper movie again, i give this CGI movie a watch. At first i thought since it is CGI movie it won't be gory but turns out quite gory though even though not like the movie. Anyway you watch the movie for the actions not for the plot and you will find plenty of dakka for the movie and unlike the previous entries which cover big wars between the human and bugs, the movie is more about skirmish caused by the incidents. The Lead of the movie is Major Varro not Rico but he is very badass, wonder how would he fare if he got that Marauder Armor he would piled up even more bugs. I am satisfied with the actions in the movie and would look forward for another CGI movie for the series. I watched the movie, OVA and now the CGI movie so i guess i will give the Novel a read too.

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