Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Thoughts

It has been like 3 months since MH4U released and thanks to that this already quiet blog got even less post. By this time i think i am ready to share my thoughts about the game. It took almost 2 years after 3U to get this game released and certainly 4U is highly anticipated especially with the online for 3DS.

The game mechanics got even better than 3rd Generation and more vertical terrains to replace the underwater fights. As usual i started with Lance as my main weapon and i have to say Lance is one of the older weapon that got better benefits with the 4th Gen mechanics since you don't need to rely on slopes to do the mounting attacks which is very useful against monsters on flat terrains and Lance is one of the two weapons that can pull this off. As for my opinion for Lancing, i will always stick to Guard Lancing since there is not much point for me to use Evade Lancing after MHFU. I find evade lancing is rather inefficient to stick close to the monsters as long as possible and with Guard+2 not much monsters that will give you trouble since almost none will be able to sap your stamina to zero from blocking their attacks. As for armor sets i always prefer looks over armor skills since i am good enough to compensate lack of armor skill and if you are online and find somebody with Kaiser X or Rajang set named Lancelot, that will be me.

Online experience is always a mixed bag for every game and Monster Hunter doesn't escape this fact, 4U is the first online capable MH on portable platform and it also got fair share of problem hunters. From my experience about the ratio of the noobs are like about 40% which either dies alot or hunt with mismatched set and you will plenty of them on Urgent Quest which is why i soloed mine which is very doable even though the overall difficulty is increased. However you will find that the average quality of the Hunters for Guild Quest will be better.

In terms of difficulty you can say 4U is the hardest one yet as the game offers harder quests and some of the Online Quests are quite brutal too solo and one of the new quests in 4th generation called "Guild Quest" is one of the hardest possible difficulty that the game can offer in level 140 where monsters can pretty much one shot you even with the best armors.

My overall thoughts about MH4U is that the game mechanics is one of the best yet however when it comes to content i can't say the same as they got plenty of problems both old and new. In terms of monsters, the 4th Gen one are not that memorable save for Gore Magala which rather edgy and i find only the older monsters able to redeem the game. Out of all monsters i find Seltas Queen to be the worst one as it is the most obnoxious monster considering all it does is trying to steamroll you which is very annoying for Blademasters. By far 4th Gen maps are the worst varieties, while each gens always been mixed bag, i find that i really hate most of the maps in this game save for Primal Forest due to it is hard to traverse some of them and Volcano is easily the laziest attempt ever.

In 4th Gen the moga forest is replaced by new exploration called expeditions which you gain Caravan points and Guild Quests from beating monsters. The problem is that the map is too linear which is just annoying sometimes when you chase a monster when you need to backtrack previous 2 maps. Lastly my main gripe with 4U is the Apex monsters, while Frenzy is fine, Apex just made the fight really annoying for solo. While it is not much problem when online, the Apex monster is just too much for solo since the item required to make them vulnerable got short time usage duration and the cooldown is bad too and you need the item to revert the monsters back to normal in order to damage them properly. In conclusion i find 4 Ultimate is not the definitive game to conclude the 4th Generation and i find the "4G" part is done rather lazily by capcom since the content is not as good as the MH4 as the G rank Quest is not too creative and rather lacks of lower mid monster varieties which 3U did even better than this. Overall i am still hopeful that Vita could get a 4th Gen MH which would be possible if Nintendo does not wrap the series under its leg  all the time.

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