Thursday, May 14, 2015

School Rumble

Watched the anime series back in High School until the 2nd season and never actually finished the series. so i give the Manga a marathon run and as i expected School Rumble offers over-the-top high school slice of life adventure. As a manga it is decent Shonen title even though not outstanding but memorable and it displayed tremendous amount spirit of youth which is necessary for this genre. I find the main strength of the series are the supporting characters as the main characters is not that interesting and mainly served for advancing the especially the main heroine. I find the love triangle of Harima with Eri and Yakumo is not strong enough given that the manga focused as gag title but i am quite satisfied how the romance in the series concluded considering Eri deserved Harima the most as their relationship is the most well developed though for some reason Mikoto is very popular on pixiv. Reading this manga at my current age really makes me miss my High School day and kinda wished my School life was awesome like class 2-C. Anyway give this manga a read if you are looking for brainless shonen gag manga.

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