Wednesday, December 16, 2015

SD Gundam G Generation Genesis

 After 3 years of long wait finally we get a new G-Generation gundam game! more importantly for the newer generation platform too which have been long anticipated! Nothing much have been revealed so far since the Youtube trailer is basically nothing but so far from what i know the game will be released around middle of next year and the rosters will be likely Universal Century era only covering up to Gundam Unicorn. So just like G Generation Spirits in PS2 i guess the game will serve as a change of pace since the last 3 G-Gen games which covered AU timeline.

I really don't mind the game will focus on UC timeline since it allows the game focus on MSV series that previously didn't get much attention. However i will tolerate the game only if they don't put the same campaign map all over again which they loved to do for 0079 and Zeta. I also prefer if they don't put too much spotlight on Gundam Unicorn because personally i find the series to be unbearable with its autistic characters. But seeing the trend of Bandai in the recent years, there's a good chance they will do these things and if it turns out to be true while they slack on content, probably i will stick with G-Generation Overworld or the upcoming Extreme VS. I also hope one of these days Bandai could make a new version of Gihren's Greed eventually since the series deserve one too.

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