Monday, December 14, 2015

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

 Another LN series worth mentioning! Madan no Ou to Vanadis or Magic Bullet King and Battle Princess is another Fantasy series that i have been looking at recently. Up until the current LN translation, i find the series got some potential even though mediocre for now but still definitely much better than the recent fads of Wish Fulfillment or Uber Reincarnations which plagued Japanese fantasy genre with disgusting self pandering works. The Premise of Madan no Ou is a Feudal story telling the fate of a Noble Son intertwined with Seven Girls wielding Great power called Vanadis after a fateful encounter with one of them. Skilled with Archery, the Noble Son wielding mysterious family heirloom bow took a Fire Emblem-esque conquest impressing the Vanadis one by one with his strength and wits and basically gathering a harem for himself.

The reason i believe the series got potential has to do with the lore, depending on how the Author handle the Fluff and unveiling the secrets, Madan no Ou can be a mediocre fantasy manga or a great one. The manga adaptation of the series are quite good so far managing to balance the storytelling and fanservice which i hope will keep go on. The protagonist is not that beta which is rather common for this genre and that's good. But for some reason the main character really remind me with the one of those typical lords from Fire Emblem series since he got quite similar characteristics with them save for wielding Bow as his main. My favorite chapter from the series so far is the amnesia arc since seeing an Ice Queen melts does make a good sight which i hope will get decent treatment with the manga. So if you like harem fantasy title you can give Madan no Ou a read and the LN translation are available over BakaTsuki.

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