Saturday, December 5, 2015

Jurassic World

 Just watched the movie and considered i followed the series from the shooting game, thought about sharing some of my opinion about the movie. Frankly speaking Jurassic World got so much potentials with the ideas but in the end got them wasted. I believe Jurassic World got message to tell as well however unlike the first movie, it never goes past half way in this aspect which is why it failed to leave a legacy like the first movie and just become another movie of the year. From what i comprehend about the movie's idea, Jurassic World is about human's greed causing them disregard the nature and at the same time trying to play God to gain further profit which leads to retribution they receive as the consequence of their folly to.

 Indominus Rex supposed to represent this message in the movie but i guess it doesn't do enough carnage to show it, they should have allowed her to eat some of the visitors instead of Pteranadon pecking around and drop some to the pool for Crocodile food. In short Indominus didn't show absolute terror to show "how insignificant human is in this world" just like the CEO guy said in the movie who's probably the best character in Jurassic World. The movie got some decent buildup on the first half of the movie but through the second half, everything just go flat. Apart some of the characters most of the cast in the movie are quite forgettable, even the brats aren't annoying enough. I don't know whether it is the curse of the series but none of the sequels have managed to surpass the first movie at all. Jurassic World tried to surpass the high bar that Jurassic park had set for decades already but failed to accomplish it in the end even with much more sophisticated special effects because it goes half-hearted to deliver the message. I still hope the next movie could do better.

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