Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Saint Blaster Get!

Finally i got one of my long sought B-Daman Toys which i used to have years ago but lost them due to stupidity as a kid. At first tempted to get the set for 350 RMB, but in the end got the whole set for 200 RMB on Taobao which is quite reasonable and the kit's condition are not to shabby either. I could have got the Blue and Yellow Bomber's unit easily but it was the White one that's really hard to find and if it is not a complete set, there's not much meaning collecting them. The reason i bothered to collect this vintage stuff is because the kit represented well some of my favorite gimmicks in mecha; Gattai and Openable Cockpit. Since i got the Saint the Blaster, i just need to get the Black Dragon to complete my Saint Dragon set which is no easy task since the cheapest one i saw in Taobao was around 600 but eventually i think i should be able to find one for reasonable price.

Meanwhile i also manage to get the Mystical 4 Symbols version of B-Daman toys similar to Saint Dragon set for 100 RMB but the kit's condition is worse but still workable. Though from my impression it really looks like a villain's mecha and it got Gattai gimmick too! If you are interested to look for B-Daman toys in Taobao try search 弹珠警察 on the website.

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