Sunday, December 13, 2015

1/8 Al-Azif (Max Factory)

 I have been re-reading Demonbane like last month to remind myself the series awesomeness as a mecha series and at the same time a terrible Lovecraft adaptation. Thus i have been searching Al-Azif figurines to add into my collection and out of several renditions i find Max Factory's to be the best one. The figure was released on 2006 which aged already for today's figurine standard however Max Factory's rendition captures Al-Azif's proportion the best in her gothic lolita form which is why i am putting my attention on this one. Al-Azif or Necronomicon is the main heroine of the Demonbane series, she claims herself to be the strongest Grimoire who looks for a master to fight against Black Lodge until she find Daijuuji Kurou to be her last master and lover. Al-Azif is one of the most memorable Nitroplus heroine for me due to her strong personality and she just makes an awesome duo with Kurou. I still really hope Demonbane will show up to another SRW game since they deserve much more spotlight as an awesome super robot series.

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