Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Yuusha Keisatsu J-Decker

 Updating this Post to match with my other previous Yuusha series articles. Brave Police J-Decker was my Second Yuusha series after Gaogaigar and my opinion do change slightly after watching most of the Yuusha entries. Being the 5th entry of Yuusha series, J-Decker's formula is highly similar with its predecessor, Mightgaine but comes with Law Enforcement flavor this time. J-Decker is the second Yuusha title after Mightgaine that has its Yuusha Protagonists being created by human instead of mysterious alien robots. But for J-Decker, Sunrise one upped their game and have the Yuushas got some semblance of distinct personality instead of merely justice fighting robots.

Yuuta and J-Decker

J-Decker Yuusha Cast
 In a Nutshell J-Decker is the Police flavored Yuusha series and while all of Yuusha series had its share of public service vehicle, J-Decker is the strongest with this element. Despite it got plenty of its inspiration from Mightgaine, J-Decker has slice of life as its story formula and the only Yuusha title that doesn't have any main villain. I think J-Decker is the first Yuusha title that has Ninja themed Robot, Shadowmaru which are followed by later titles with Sorakage, Shadow Dagwon and Big Volfogg. I also think the main character Yuuta was intended to be a girl but i suppose the idea was scrapped.

Out of all Yuusha Title, J-Decker is one of the more Kid Friendly series but i think Goldran and Exkaiser still held the top position. Like most mecha anime directed to sells kids toys, the series empowered your average kid to do awesome stuff and J-Decker comes in Police flavor. Even if the premise of J-Decker is about kid playing police game so Takara can print money by selling toys. The Robot cast in J-Decker still deserve to hold the title of Yuusha as they display the quality of Courage and Friendship. And even though J-Decker is not in my Top 3 Yuusha series, The distinct personality of the Robot Cast is refresh take on Yuusha and Gaogaigar will make use of it to the fullest. Also Super Build Tiger is easily one the best Supporting Mecha design in whole Yuusha series. Overall J-Decker quality is solid but lacks the factor to make it a Top tier Yuusha series but compared to other Yuusha title, J-decker managed to secure the middle position for itself.

 Speaking of the toys i used to see plenty of Super Build Tiger being sold in my local department store and now i happen to own the Bootleg Super Build Tiger and J-Decker. I certainly don't mind if Super Build Tiger got a SRC treatment.

Power Joe
Build Tiger
Super Build Tiger

Fire Duke
Fire J-Decker

J-Decker Squad


  1. I'm not that similar with these robot but they do resemble the robots I played in this game 'Brave Saga' on PlayStation One. This line of mecha do possess a strong culture of Japan's law enforcement, fire fighting brigade and train system.

    1. J-Decker should be in the game or sequel least since the game features Yuusha series and it is made by Takara themselves who cooperate with Sunrise to bring Yuusha to life. I should give them a check one of these days.