Saturday, October 7, 2017

Kemono Friends

 I tend to steer away from Moeshit in general but the recent scandal involving Kadokawa piqued my interest on a series called Kemono Friends. As a moe series Kemono Friends was not that special considering Kemonomimi has existed in Japan for a while already but the series is Lighthearted and have some nice worldbuilding. The premise of Kemono Friend is about an amnesiac girl who is accompanied by anthropomorphic Beast Girl named Serval trying to find her identity. Along the way the girl and Serval befriend more beast girls and solving problems along the way. What makes people gettting interested with Kemono Friends is that it was very low budget anime that was expected to fail by Kadokawa but somehow becomes a sleeper hit due to the director's effort. I don't like Moeshit but i from watching Kemono Friends, there is no doubt that the anime was a labour of passion. Then when the Kadokawa planned for the series second season the original director was fired from the project and no doubt it sparked outrage. I don't really like Kadokawa because they pollute the mainstream anime market with Moeshits like Kancolle and they certainly deserve the setbacks caused by this scandal. Then again this kind of scandal is a small pebble for Kadokawa but let see how many of these small pebbles they can endure.

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