Monday, October 16, 2017

Sakura Taisen 1 Kanna Ending Get!

 Its like almost a year already since i got my fix of Sakura Taisen and now i am going back to the first game. Before i touched Sakura Taisen 3 i have cleared 4 out of 6 Heroines ending leaving Kanna and Kohran. For my fifth playthrough i got through Kirishima Kanna's route who is the Strongest member of Hanagumi in physical department. In terms of personality Kanna is tomboyish and down to earth which is complete opposite of Sumire so they are often at odds with each other. But even a tomboy karate junkie like Kanna is unable to resist Ichiro Ogami's charm and manliness. Though to be honest i find Kanna is the least suitable love interest for Ogami in Hanagumi, as they work better as reliable buddies who got each other back. But lets see how Kanna's route plays out in Sakura Taisen 2. Interestingly Kanna's Voice Actor is probably more well known with her role as Monkey D Luffy from the popular mainstream work One Piece.  In near future i will rewrite a proper article for Sakura Taisen 1 since i did the coverage for the third game already and might as well do one for each title. I might even do another Iris Route just to gather sufficient assets for the future article.

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