Monday, October 30, 2017

Metal Build Arbalest

 With the announcement of new anime season for Full Metal Panic, we will be expecting influx of FMP related merchandise! As for Bandai, they already contribute their part by announcing the release for Metal Build Arbalest. MB Arbalest is planned to be released on March Next Year with price tag around 21000 Yen. It was a strange turn out of event that Laevatein got released first for this Metal Build Lineup before Arbalest. While Full Metal Panic series animation got delayed for 10 Years due to stupid reason, i think the delay prove to be fortituous for Toy Industry as by now they can release better quality product. I would have got this one if i didn't have my complete set of Uruz Squad with the Aoshima Kit. Perhaps we will be even seeing some figurine for Chidori or Tessa soon.


  1. Having the Aoshima kit, I'm contemplating to get this going a preorder price of S$300.. Toys are really steep these days..

    1. i think 2014 marks the trend where Toys keep getting pricier especially for Figures and Diecast toys in general