Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Super Minipla King J-Der

 As I appreciate Yuusha series more by this time, i am looking for a suitable Collectible Toys from these series. I generally find Super Robot Chogokin to be the best option but certain Mechas  can't make it with the lineup specifications. While King J-Der wont make it in SRC, Bandai manage to get around and release this guy in Minipla Format. The King J-Der Minipla was open for preorder a while ago with price tag around 12000 Yen and stands around 28 Cm tall when fully assembled. The Minipla also come with fully Transformable J-Ark and J-Phoenix, standing as tall as a Perfect Grade, it would be quite an impressive display. So Far the minipla lineup only release toy from Super Sentai and Gaogaigar series. But with this lineup Bandai probably find a way to release Great Mecha toys that are not too mainstream without putting up too much cost from their side. I regretted that i didn't make it with the preorder this time but Hopefully Bandai will open another one. In the Tv series, King J-Der is a powerful ally of Gaogaigar and its role resemble with Captain Shark from Goldran. And now i am still waiting for Bandai to release the rest of the Yuusha SRC for the main protagonists especially Fire Dagwon and Goldran.


  1. Looks kind of Titans bass like and I would think that that’s a fatty robot . Lolz..

    1. You haven't seen the old Takara Toy, Dennis and that one is really fat. There are couple more Yuusha toys that were more bulky than King J-Der though like Dragon Kaiser for instance