Monday, October 2, 2017

Persona 3 Movie Thoughts

 Marathoning the 4 movies before prepping review for Figma Makoto Yuki. I don't have much attachment with the movie as it fulfills its purpose just fine. Out of 4 Movies, i find First and Second to be Bland while third is acceptable and the final one to be the best as Makoto Yuki showcase most of his badassness in the final one. I suppose in order to fit in a Movie structure, Persona 3 Movie sacrificed too much in order to fit the mold. As a Movie form it was okay but never able to replace the experience that the original video game gave. The Movie mostly focus on the Makoto Yuki's interaction with his SEES Teammates and Social link part barely covered. Compared to Persona 4 Animation, i think Persona 4 did better in anime media as it complement the original game really well whereas Persona 3 Movie is just straight retelling of some portion of the game. Makoto Yuki in the Movie is too much of a silent protagonist and doesn't show his coolness like Yu Narukami did in the animation. The Movie also totally abandon the romance part which was the one of the main selling point of the game. But at least one thing that the Movie nailed right is the Action Sequence as you get to see the Shadows that the SEES team face are not child's play. Even though Persona 3 Movie didn't do as good as P4A i am always a Persona 3 Fanboy because this where the Persona series starts to be awesome. To be honest after seeing the Japanese Seiyuu Performance in the movie, i think Persona 3 is one of the series that i actually prefer the dub.

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