Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Yami starting watching Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

 Kinda late to the party but since the series just ended its second season i decided to give the series a run. So far i have finished the first half of IBO and looking forward to watch second season. For now i will just share my impression about the series. My first impression from watching Iron Blooded Orphans is that Sunrise intend to create a completely different Gundam Show with this show. 

 Compared to the previous gundam series, Iron Blooded Orphans looks more gritty and filled with more raw violence. It also doesn't help that the mecha fight in IBO focus on brutal melee while eschewing beam spamming. The protagonist of the series, Mikazuki Augus is what would result from further exploration of Setsuna F Seiei or Heero Yuy archetype. Mikazuki is not a person that you would look up to being desensitized to violence and apathetic toward his opponent due to his life as Child Soldier. Personally Mikazuki is probably one of my least favorite gundam protagonist but his character definitely plays an important role for IBO to deliver its point.

 From the onset of the series, the main casts in Iron Blooded Orphans already got some obvious flags that they walk on self destructive part as they play the Don Quixote role. Nevertheless their struggle trying to fight against the odds will be worthy to watch. After Gundam Age and Reconquista, i guess Sunrise finally try to do things seriously with Gundam series. If they intend Iron Blooded Orphans to revitalize the interest of Gundam Series then it did pretty good job, at least in my opinion. For now i am more interested on the prequel chance for IBO since the Calamity War had pretty good potential if done right even though 72 Gundam seems like a tall order. Probably in near future i will also acquire some of those IBO Full Mechanics kit.


  1. Just heard that the anime season 2 had ended. So far, the first season has been quite entertaining. I shall start watching season 2 soonest!

    1. I am going to marathon the Season 2 as well once i got to finish some of my backlog.