Monday, April 10, 2017

1/72 HMM Liger Zero Empire

 On this year's Winter Wonderfest, Liger Zero is one of the two products that caught my attention in Kotobukiya's booth and a while ago Kotobukiya have just released details for the product release. The kit will be slated for July this year and will cost around 5600 Yen without tax. Unfortunately Liger Zero Empire will be Kotobukiya Web product only which means importing would be inconvenient. Compared to the Regular Liger Zero, Liger Zero Empire is pretty much a carbon copy of the former with palette swap, a cool one nevertheless. In the series Liger Zero Empire is what happen when Zenebas Empire steal Helic Republic's tech and develop their own version of Liger Zero. Later on Empire did make their own CAS which Liger Zero X is one known variant. In Zoids Legacy, Zero Empire was one of the available CAS variant for Liger Zero and the easiest one to make. Statswise it is still the same with Liger Zero and have the same quirks as well. I guess if this kit sell good enough, Kotobukiya will likely release Zero X too.

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