Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Now Playing Toukiden 2!

 When i played the Japanese Demo for Toukiden 2 last year, i know that i will be getting a copy for this game. Now i have clocked a few hours in the game and would like to share my impression on Toukiden 2. For Certain Toukiden 2 is a solid game and i think that the game will have good amount of content even without Expansion. As usual i use Spear as my weapon of choice and seriously the Party AI in this game are way too competent. The Open World mechanics is a fresh breath for hunting game genre and if given enough time to polish it, Koei will have a Franchise that will serve as some serious competitor for Monster Hunter. My thoughts may change once i reached endgame but for now i don't really find any glaring flaw with Toukiden 2.


  1. Demo does it meant play for free or play as beta? I'm playing Dynasty Warriors Unleashed at the moment and back in the mood hack and slash. Hee hee

    1. You get to play the early parts of the game to get good grasp what the series are offering. I think Toukiden 2 should have a western version of the demo