Sunday, April 30, 2017

AFA Creators Super Fest 2017

 Went to this event in Jakarta as some of my acquaintances opened some booth on that place. This makes my first time attending AFA related event in Indonesia. Creators Super Fest is basically mini AFA event which focus on fandom circles. As always nothing much to do in this event if you are not cosplaying or shopping stuff. However for such a small event, the enthusiasm of the event is quite good though. On the other hand i am quite surprised with the talent level of illustrators in Indonesia. From the range of the fandom stuff they sell here in this event, the illustration quality are quite good. While it is not as good as the one in Singapore or Australia yet, Indonesian's creative talent still have potential for more growth. Just as always, this kind of event could use some more Japanese Karaoke machine.

My Haul from the event

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  1. Not a big scale event still I think it's cool to curb some craving... Nice Wing Cosplay there and the Patlabor head keychain is definitely adorable. The response at event looks healthy and crowd to gear up for more upcoming AFA events.