Thursday, April 13, 2017

Evolution Toy Legioss

Ever since i watched Mospeada, i have been keeping an eye for the series merchandise. On this year's Winter Wonderfest I did see the Legioss Prototype but it didn't catch my attention because prototype was rather sloppy. It turns out the one who are making the new Legioss Toy is a company called Evolution Toy which appears to make plenty of Super Robot Toys. The Toy is fully transformable and will be released on July this year with 28000 Yen Price tag which is very hefty for the quality of product. Unfortunately their mold for Legioss seems too Bulky and thus make it look very toyish. For now the Legioss Toy made by now Defunct CMS Corp still look better and definitive. Mospeada itself while nowhere close to Macross, it still have some interesting concepts even though the anime series didn't fully realize it. One of these days Mospeada should show up in SRW series.


  1. Nice to hear goods on Mospeada! At least the franchise is not dead and still going strong. Then again the price tag of Mospeada is always jaw dropping.. hard to tell the quality of the toy so preordering can be quite a gamble...

    1. The Evolution toy doesn't look that promising with the hefty price tag. But i think the Ride Armor by Sentinel is going to be good.