Friday, April 28, 2017

Yami's Guide for Joysound TV Plus on Vita TV

 So do you like to sing Japanese Song? But there are no Japanese Karaoke Bar nearby or If there is one it is outdated and overpriced? Worry Not! If you have PS4 or Vita then you are able to access Joysound TV Application which is no doubt a godsend for those who like to sing Japanese songs yet live outside Japan. Joysound is one of the biggest Karaoke Machine company in Japan apart from DAM and they extended their service to Playstation Console few years Ago.  I decided to write a guide for Joysound TV because i went through so much trouble to get a working Vita Japanese Karaoke Setup without a guide and hope to help other people with the similar passion to achieve the same thing easier. Even though trying to set up your own Japanese Karaoke entertainment on Playstation seems challenging, with a little bit Knowledge of Japanese and some dedication you will make it out. While this Guide is focused on Vita TV, the general setup is similar for PS4.

In order to set up your own Japanese Karaoke Machine using Joysound TV service you need couple things.
  • PSVita/Vita TV/PS4
  • Japanese PSN Account
  • USB Microphone
  • Japanese PSN Credits
  • Good Internet Connection
If you are missing one of these prerequisites then the you won't get your Japanese Karaoke Machine. So far Joysound TV is only available on Japanese PSN account so you wont be able to access the program if u use Non-Japan PSN Account. As there are many people writing guide to make Japanese PSN account i will skip on the PSN account creation part. If you use PsVita/Vita Tv just keep in mind you need at least 8GB Memory Card as the JoysoundTV Application is about 4.5 GB. You can actually use Joysound TV with the regular PSVita. While it is rather awkward singing on the PSVita, the application runs just fine on this portable console.

 The complete physical component setup for Joysound TV on Vita TV roughly looks like this. One of the main reason i buy Vita TV is to set up my Japanese Karaoke machine at home. Seriously Vita TV such an underrated piece of hardware and maybe i will dedicate an article for this magical little box. For me living in third world country, the hardest part is to get working Microphone compatible with Vita Tv. You need a USB Microphone, and the best bet are the ones tailored for Gaming Console. Using USB Converter for Regular Microphone might work too but your best bet is still a regular USB microphone. For my USB Microphone i use WiiU microphone which you can get from PlayAsia which works just fine for Vita TV despite it is not the best choice.

 Since Joysound is for-profit company, they certainly need to charge people for their Service. But fortunately Joysound Tv is very cheap which they use Subscription Business Model. For the subscription fee, Joysound Tv had two options; 324 Yen for 24 Hour subscription or 1080 Yen for 20 days Subscription. However as Joysound Tv is a Cloud-based service, it means that you need internet connection to access their Songs and a good one at that which might be hard for third world country. While 4G connection may work, Fibre Optic connection is the best default option.

Singin some Cruel Angel Thesis~
 So after so much hassle setting up for the Joysound TV, does it worth it? If you are very passionate  with Japanese Song or love to sing anime songs just like me, then you get yourself an awesome treat! For 300 Yen you get access over 90000 Songs and most songs from popular anime series are definitely available. And off course JoysoundTV got lots of Vocaloid Songs too. Some songs might not available due to certain reasons for instance the ones from Lia or Falcom Game but it is still not a huge trade off.

 One of the biggest selling point of this Joysound TV App over regular non Japanese karaoke machine is that it got Neat Scoring system. While it is not as accurate as the Newer Joysound/DAM Karaoke machine, it is still pretty cool gimmick. Despite Joysound TV offer Substitute for the real Japanese Karaoke Machine, it is still inferior compared to newer Joysound/DAM Karaoke machine at least for me. One of the main reason is that the real Joysound Karaoke machine got Animations from the original anime series which is a perfecting touch for anime karaoke experience. While i see Animation pack available for Joysound TV on PSN i doubt it is for the Anime song. In any case JoysoundTv is still a blessing for Anime song fan outside Japan.


  1. Thank you for the guide! Unfortunately I'm never talented enough to master even a single Japanese song though I love listening to anisong. The furthest I did was to visit Evangelion theme KTV room during my visit to Akihabara, not to sing but to enjoy the music and of course the delicious omelette rice.

    1. I am not a good singer either but to me the main point of Karaoke is to enjoy yourself.

  2. Can you do a guide for Joysound on the PC?

    1. can't really make one since i havent used it before, but from what i see Joysound Cafe requires more setup than the Playstation platform and payment would be tricky for people outside japan