Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Final Thought


 With Iron Blooded Orphans finished airing early this month, a while ago i gave the series a quick marathon and finished the last episode recently. After the flop from Gundam Age and Reconquista, i guess Sunrise did try to put more effort with Iron Blooded Orphans. While IBO Second season got some Significant flaw. Nonetheless i think IBO still managed to achieve its main objective, to reboot the interest of Gundam series which it did with Flying colors. But if Iron Blooded Orphans was not a Gundam Show, i think IBO could have gone even more grimdark.

 Iron Blooded Orphans strongest point is its storytelling, which is very good by Gundam standard. Using Child Soldiers as the main characters does make powerful anti-war message after all but the clever deconstruction of Gundam Tropes plays a huge part in my opinion. For a Gundam series, Iron Blooded Orphans ends with rather bittersweet note. But in the process, IBO breaks most of the convention that the previous Gundam titles made and at the same time cements its position as a Solid Gundam series, possibly one of the best Alternate Universe title by far. Apart from the story, IBO got some good fighting scene as well with the brutal nature of the combat helps to emphasize the message that the series try to deliver. The Mobile Armor fight in Episode 36 is certainly some top tier stuff.

 If i have to mention the series flaw. The Second season in IBO felt kinda rushed especially after Episode 36 for some reason. This plays a huge part for the Char Clone of the series causing its character stunted thus lead the final showdown less climactic. I think IBO could have another 12 Episodes to conclude properly. As for the mecha design IBO is rather weak compared to SEED or IBO. Mainly due to poor grunt unit designs and the Cool units doesn't have enough screentime despite it got some moments, but it is just not enough. On a side note, i think some IBO Mecha design are heavily inspired from Five Star Stories especially with that anorexic waist

 Iron Blooded Orphans main theme was the struggle of the underdogs overcoming overwhelming odds to make a place for themselves. But from the onset of the series the direction that the protagonist decided to go will not end well. Tekkadan led by Orga are portrayed as very reckless bunch of youths. Tekkadan could have survived rather well if Orga didn't ally himself with Mcgillis in the second season but it is just that they have to bite more than they can chew for the series to prove its point. In the series despite Tekkadan have overcome many odds with overwhelming force, their lucks was at its end when they face competent opponent like Arianrhod.  I think the proverb " Live by the sword , Die by the sword" heavily resonates on Tekkadan. While some of the survivor ended up rather well, most of the members died dog's death due to their line of work as mercenaries.

 IBO is the first Gundam series that have Gundam Protagonist defeated by the Antagonist and this blurs the line of which one is good or evil. While Tekkadan are the protagonist in the series, they are far from being a saint especially having a cold blooded child soldier as the main character. As for the Antagonist, While Rustal is far from good either, he appear to have a genuine to reform his corrupt organization. This blurry Gray morality is another reason what makes IBO an appealing war drama. While Iron Blooded Orphans have Ended, it is very open for a continuation whether it is a prequel or a sequel. I think Calamity War prequel would have great potential but in any case any kind of continuation that Sunrise tried to do with IBO, i just don't want it to end like 00 Awakening of Trailblazer.

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