Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sampling on some Star Wars Kit

 Over past three days i have been assembling these kits as a part of assignment from my company as they need these for upcoming exhibition. Since i don't belong to Generation X, i am not really crazy with Star Wars series but i am having good experience while building these kits. For this assignment i just do straight build on the kits and applying some decals since that what i am instructed to. Bandai did good job on the details with these kits but i think in terms of pricing the star wars kit are rather pricey compared to Hasegawa's Macross model kit, something to do with the licensing cost i guess.

Out of 11 Star Wars kits consists of 7 1/72 Scale and 4 Miniplas, i think i had the most fun working on Bobba Fett's 1/72 Slave I surprisingly. As for the hardest one to build it is definitely the Y-Fighter since the Model kit got so much finely shaped wire to attach though Applying decals for the X-Wings could be frustrating too. If this was personal project i would have painted these kits especially the X-Wing since the decal are just horrible substitute for the unpainted parts of the kit. If i got opportunity in the future i don't mind building some TIE Fighters or 1/48 X-Wing


  1. I believed u are in the toy industries and lots of envious pal! That's quite a lot to assemble! Are they just straight built with only decals applied? Looks really neat though.. I heard these kits are easy to work on with panel lining, matte coat and dry brushing?

  2. It was quite alot of work indeed. They are just straightbuild with decals applied. They definitely need some work to look good.