Saturday, August 12, 2017

Touch My Katamari 100% Completion

 One of the first few games that i bought for my Vita and just managed to complete it now. Seriously the last trophy is very time consuming and the game doesn't have platinum either. Out of all Katamari series Touch my Katamari for Vita is definitely the weakest. The game are riddled with issues like uninspiring level design and half of the levels locked behind some kind of Paywalls. The game have currency called Fan Damacy which is used to unlock DLC Levels and you can either grind or pay for it. While some of the DLC levels are decent they don't worth real money to unlock since you can get all those Fan Damacys while grinding for Candies for the last item. Some of the more interesting DLC levels are Maid Heaven, Athlete Abyss, Great Journey and Pacman which ironically i unlock most of them near the end of my playthrough. For the candies i mostly grinded on the 50 Objects level since it is the quickest one to complete and earns decent amount of Candy which makes it good level to grind for Fan Damacy too. Personally i find Me&My Katamari still to be my personal favorite and would love to play Katamari Forever someday

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