Thursday, August 24, 2017

Legend of Galactic Heroes ARTFX 1/8 Yang Wenli

 Kotobukiya is quite fast on this one,  shortly after the finished prototype shown in Wonderfest Last month we got the release detail for ARTFX Yang Wenli. Slated for January next year, the figure come with the price of 9000 Yen. Posed with holding his beret while showing gentle smile, Kotobukiya captured the character of Yang Wenli's character really well with the figure. In the series, leading the 13th Fleet Yang Wenli is mostly known for being the only person who can fight toe to toe with the future Galactic Emperor, Reinhard von Lohengramm. But what i admire from Yang's character is his virtue of Wisdom and willingness to fight for his ideal even though he serve dying nation rife of corruption like Free planet Alliance.  I will definitely preorder this figure and likely get Reinhard and Kircheis because i just really respect LOGH as a series and doing my part to contribute. I think Reinhard's Artfx will come with slightly higher pricetag but as for Kircheis, it will roughly cost the same with Yang Wenli.


  1. I'm not a fan of Legend of Galactic Heroes but likes character statue in uniform though. Looks well sculpt and detail of emblem on jacket. Seems like Kotobukiya answered to fans of Legend of Galactic Heroes...

    1. Well i think you should give LoGH a try Dennis, perhaps you might even like it considering it was a quality series.