Tuesday, August 22, 2017

AFAID 2017 Thoughts

 This is my first time i attend AFA in Jakarta and i will not visit again next year. For an event with International standard, AFAID comes with substandard quality as if the Organizer doesn't put enough effort with the event or plainly lack of proper budget. The main issue with this event is the lackluster content of the exhibition and far pales in comparison to the Singapore one and definitely way behind SMASH. This year's AFAID did got interesting guests like Amuro's VA and one of the Iron Blooded Orphans protagonist VA but the poor exhibition hall quality makes me cares less about them. If AFAID didn't get ahold of themselves properly, probably there wont be another one in next few years.


  1. I can sense your disappointment and it seems that there was nothing even worth for you are take pics off. Hopefully the organiser would do better next year. Well, everyone deserved a second chance ^_^

    1. Given the way us Indonesians doing things, i doubt the event will be any better in the next opportunity