Monday, August 28, 2017

Battle of the Toys 2017 Field Report

 My first time for this event and first time working here too. Taking a week after AFAID 2017 Battle of the Toys is another of those run of the mill pop culture convention but more focused on Toys considering it was hosted by the biggest toy seller in Indonesia, Multitoys. In terms of event quality, i can't say it is better than AFAID by far margin but at least in this event you get more things to see and getting some good bargain for toys.

 For this year's event, i was tasked to watch over Gunpla booth which i also help to install the booth displays. Some of those displays include couple of Star Wars and Gundam Build fighter model kits.  The Bandai Representative are lending some of the upcoming model kits for Display which RG Unicorn and Hi Res Wing Zero attract most of the attention from the visitors.

 Apart from the Gunpla booth, Multitoys also have several booths for other Merchandise lineups including Kotobukiya, Banpresto, GSC, Tamashii Nations and GSC in BOTT. The most impressive one is probably Tamashii Nations which got available sample for Space Sheriff Gavan's Tamashii Laser Blade and Gavan cosplayer. While i don't follow Tokusatsu like Metal Heroes, The Laser Blade gimmick is quite impressive which it lights up upon doing upward swiping motion on the blade and the costume quality of the Gavan cosplayer is very impressive too. While not as impressive as Tamashii Nation Booth, GSC booth got space for custom Nendoroid Face painting and Hot Toys got Life size statue of Iron man up for display.

Probably one of the busiest Area in BOTT is the BASKET Zone where it is pretty much the Clearance sale area for Toys. Depending on your luck, you can get some really good bargain from here. The lineup in this area is quite insane in the afternoon though luckily i was event staff so need for lining up and even got myself some really good bargain with a Space Battleship Yamato figurine.

 In BOTT despite Multitoys booth is the main focus of the event, the community displays and other resellers booth are not bad too. Early this year we got prototype for Ahok's 1/6 figure and now it even got upgraded. Some of the Community booths have pretty good display for their stuff and free play on Gundam Vs Gundam is an icing of the cake.

 After my first participation of Battle of the Toys, Overall it was not bad but i think the event got more rooms for improvement if they want to be better.

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