Thursday, August 31, 2017

SD Gundam G Generation Genesis Platinum

 I think it is almost 6 Months since i started Gundam Genesis and at last i managed to score a Platinum Trophy on this one. Roughly Speaking Gundam Genesis Heavily focus on UC Period around OYW and Post CCA Timeline because thats what i see where the Resources are poured in. In terms of Gameplay, i find Genesis lack in couple department such as Poor Battleship Selection and how the OYW are quite Handicapped in Late UC stages. Personally i find Gundam Genesis is not really my cup of tea as it is mostly Glorified Ads for Gundam Unicorn as the series pretty much hog the spotlight.

In terms of completion, Gundam Genesis is not hard to score the Platinum but definitely time consuming. The last trophy i completed was the all Quests completion which Beating Gundam Unicorn Stage in Hell Difficulty being part of the requirement. I grinded alot in Double Zeta Third Stage but in the end Turn A Dark History Wiping out everything by itself because thats just how overpowered the unit is. The Level Grinding trophy was not so bad since i kept some units since Normal Playthrough but surprisingly the Pilot trophy was the last one that i achieve.

This is the the roster of the cast that i use when i Platinum'd the game. In terms of Pilot Quality, any ace pilots who were good in the series stays good in this game. Side Story character like Ryu Roots the original EX-S gundam have really horrible stats which is why the Powerful Sentinel Gundam got wrecked by Mark V. The Pilot theme in Genesis was better than Overworld but it is such a shame that you can't change the theme of the Character. With the Platinum Completion, i don't think i will be going back to Genesis and hope the next G Generation will have less Unicorn.Now i am free to move onto SRW V

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  1. Ain't you keen in the English Sub titles version. I'm going for it if I ever get PS4.