Saturday, December 2, 2017

AFA SG 2017

 This makes my second time i attend Anime Fair Asia convention in Singapore and i suppose working in Toy industry does change your view on this kind of event. While AFA SG is definitely better organized than the indonesian counterpart i find this year's event to be really lacking. What ticks me off the most is that sizable amount of the venue space are used by Kadokawa to spread their rubbish. As for the shopping part in AFA Venue, i find it to be lackluster. I guess Singapore also had a hard time this year as resellers find difficulties to dump off their products considering the major ones still sell stuffs from last year's AFA. I am still willing to give AFA SG a chance but it is not longer a must go event in my book. Unfortunately i doubt it will get any better as Japanese hobby will get more expensive as time goes by.


  1. Seems like this year AFA SG is quite the disappointment for u.. maybe that’s way only one pic for the post.. I would say there are better years in the past. AFA should justify the increase of ticket with better quality..

    1. Not exactly disappointment but i just feel that the event lost its magic and doesn't look dazzling as i used to perceive. With rising cost every year it is definitely difficult for the organizer themselves to put up a quality event.