Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Freeing 1/4 Kanzaki Sumire Bunny Ver Figure

 I never expect Sakura Taisen is getting more figures being a series forgotten by Japan. While it is not Kotobukiya 1/7 Figurine, this time Kanzaki Sumire from Teikoku Kagekidan is getting 1/4 Figure treatment by Freeing! The figure will be released around september this year with over 20000 Yen Price tag which is kinda expected for 1/4 scale. In Sakura Taisen, Sumire is the ojou-sama type of Heroine who appears to be haughty toward Ogami at first but kinda sweet girl when she opened up to him, in battle Sumire uses Koubu equipped with Naginata and specialise in Crowd Control attack. To be honest Sumire or Maria are the one who likely to get their figure treatment after Sakura considering their Popularity and i guess Maria will likely be getting one in near future. I will skip this one since 1/4 is out of my target but if there are 1/7 Figure being made, there is a good chance i will be getting it. Speaking of Sakura Taisen, i kinda procrastinate on the second game for three months already, gotta keep up i suppose.


  1. I have know collectors who focus on 1/4 scale bunny girls and seen those on Infinite stratos characters. The details are awesome and explained the price tag. The other concerns will be the space for display.

    1. too bad this one is 1/4 scale otherwise would have considered to get it if it is 1/8 or 1/7