Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sampling on some Kotobukiya Kits

 Being the company's resident gunpla guy, i sometimes got assigned to assemble Sample model kits. This time Kotobukiya sent some of their model kits for my company to promote their products which i get hands on some of them. This time i am assembling Asra Ninja from Megami Device and as for  MSG Gigantic Arms lineup, i get to make Convert Carrier and Rapid Raider.

Since Mecha Musume is off my radar, i never collect Frame Arms Girl and its Equivalent. For Megami Device i think it is FAG offshoot lineup that is intended with more liberty on its design since it doesn't rely on Frame Arms for its aesthetics. While i think Megami Device's face sculpt is not as good as FAG, it is still miles ahead from Bandai's with their Fuminas. Just as usual, Kotobukiya's model kit require painting to look good but the flesh sculpt is not too shabby. Personally i feel that Megami Device would benefit more with removable armor system instead of parts swapping.

 I haven't been keeping in touch with Kotobukiya kit for a long time already and now their MSG lineup include mecha accessories alrd. The Gigantic arms model kits are intercompatible for Kotobukiya 1/12 Frame Arms Girl and 1/24 Hexa Gear figure use which are very versatile. Between Rapid Raider and Convert Carrier i really like the latter more because the Carrier has more modification potential. Though i think the Rapid Raider can be still compatible for Figmas with some minor alteration.

After trying these model kits, i think i will look more into the Hexa Gear Lineup as they have rideable Robot model kits now.

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