Monday, February 26, 2018

Jakarta Toys Fair 2018 Field Report

 This is the second time i came to this event, if last time i went here as visitor this year i work as a part of exhibitor. The experience participating an Event as visitor and exhibitor is quite a contrasting one. But this year's JTF is quite different with last year due to Tokopedia's participation in the event which shakes things up abit!

 Being the Company's resident's Gunpla guy, i was posted to my Company's Gunpla booth for the duration of the event. From my observation in the event, Visitors are quite hyped with the upcoming Gundam Build Diver with HG 1/144 00 Diver having decent amount of pre-order. And my company's Gunpla Booth also racking up decent amount of sales since because Tokopedia is flexing their muscle by handing out generous amount of 30% Cashback Vouchers just because they can afford to. Though early in the day i got to see some nasty customer behavior who are hoarding the good stuffs so they can sell it back.

 Aside of the Tokopedia involvement in the event, the content of the show remains overall the same and while JTF event can be considered a small one for a Toys Convention, there are couple of upcoming product that still piqued my interest. God Gravion Prototype looks promising but i think it is going to be very Pricey. The new Pacific Rim toys doesn't look to bad now after watching the second movie trailer. SOC Gipsy Danger do look great but the redundant ship accesories made me avoid the toy i might consider getting the Crimson Typhoon and hope Bandai consider making one SOC for Striker Eureka.

Hot Toys Hulkbuster is quite big


  1. 30% cash vouchers sure is very generous and anyone would be tempted, at least for me. The SOC Gipsy Danger looks cool on display. Good piece!

    1. I doubt overseas Evommerce website are even that generous, Tokopedia casually throws out these kind of Cashback schemes from time to time