Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pokemon Gashapon Machine Toy Mini Mini Gacha Poke Machine XY&Z 19th Movie Version Review

 Japan has plenty of varieties for Gashapon toys but the ones that piqued my interest the most are compatible with 1/12 Scale figure as i start collecting figmas. One of those Gashapon Toys that i bought are Pokemon themed Mini Gashapon Machine which are made by Takara Tomy. These miniature Gashapon Machine make very nice addition if you are making Game Centre themed Diorama. This particular one is from 6th Generation Pokemon based on the 19th Movie of the series.

 So this particular Pokemon Gashapon Machine Toy belongs to 300 Yen Category Gashapon which tend to have neat gimmicks in general. Takara Tomy had released these kind of Gashapon Machine toy before dating back as far as 4th Generation. For this version of Gashapon Machine Toy, it features Greninja, Mega Gardevoir, Pikachu, Volcanion and Zygarde as the Variants.

 Each Gashapon Toy replicated the gimmick of the real life machine to an extent where each of the Toy Capsule included contents as well. For the Pokemon Gashapon Machine you can actually stack the Machine and ideally you have 2 of each variants to look satisfying enough.

As you can see, the Pokemon Gashapon Machine toy fits Figma scale toys almost perfectly in which they make a very good 1/12 Diorama Props. Other than the Pokemon One there were other Gashapon Machines made variations like the ones made by Hasegawa. I had other Toy Story Themed Gashapon Machine but it is another review for another time. If i had a chance i will collect more Pokemon themed gashapon machine toys.

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