Thursday, February 22, 2018

Yami's Winter Wonderfest 2018 Highlights

 When it is February, it is always a flood of temptations from the Winter Wonderfest! As for this year's i think there are less mecha stuffs that catches my attention since the new products are flooded more from non mecha series each year. So lets see which products that catches my attention!

From Bandai Booth only Minipla Voltron and Figure Rise Kamen Rider Build that catches my attention. Minipla seems to be great lineup for Bandai to release decent quality Old School Robot Model Kits with good amount of gimmicks while being affordable. It appears that Voltron is the one next in the lineup which could be very Popular with people who grow up in 90s.

While i dont follow Tokusatsu, Handling Kamen Rider toys mainly from DX series do make me familiar abit. Over past few years Figure Rise are mainly dominated with Dragon Ball series but the latest Kamen Rider Build made it into the lineup. The SHF Lineup is quite a popular Preorder so if the price is lower the toy could be a hit especially if the scale was made similar to Figure Rise Faiz and Kabuto.

On Kotobukiya Booth, i guess Mecha Musumes are their main money maker now as Mecha Model Kit tend to lean on the more expensive side. The Gaogaigar Mecha Musume looks great and if the parts could transform into vehicle it would be even cooler. With the recent announcement of Full Metal Panic new anime season, Koto brings back their Belial prototype from the Shelf and it is 1/60 so it is out of my radar. I wonder how well will it sell considering the Belial are easily pricier than what Bandai could offer with their FMP Kits. In Medabots we are getting Arc Beetle which is one of the stronger mecha in the series. Too bad i cant really commit with the series at the moment.

 I have been keeping on tab with Figma since i start collecting them last year and GSC keep chugging out FGO merchandise since they sell like hotcakes i guess. I dont really care for Nendoroid as they are overpriced figure that is unable to stand properly. For Figma we are getting Jalter and Mordred after Two Lancers in a row. I will get Jalter since she apparently had good story arc in later part for FGO but i will be crossing my hand on Mordred. As i expected Konosuba is reaching figma too starting with Aqua with Megumin following soon. As long as Max Factory didn't mess it up, there is a good chance i will collect all of the three heroines along with Kazuma.

I suppose being a small company, Sentinel are unable to keep releasing new products like the Big Toy Companies do but i hope they have something in hand for the Summer Wonderfest.


  1. Looks like I don’t see any that I would be going for.. I have reviewed Belial by Bandai Robot Tamashii and in Kotobukiya release the kit, the good part would be a big scale Belial.