Friday, March 9, 2018

Figma 390 Jeanne Alter

 Well that was quite fast after Wonderfest, being one of the most popular servant in FGO does help after all! Jeanne Alter Figma will be released on September this year with a whopping price tag of 8000 yen. Jalter is the Avenger Class servant in the FGO which has been around for 2 years alrd on JP server and apparently she is the top waifu material with her tsundere personality. Jalter is going to appear soon on FGO NA server which made the release timing of her Figma aligned better somewhat with FGO NA server. Apparently the Shinjuku event is one of Jalter's brightest moment that boost her popularity rather significant which will be in a year available on NA Server. Despite her pricey price-tag, it is likely that i will get her for the sake of completion of my FGO set in Figma Lineup.

1 comment:

  1. I like the character but Figma isn’t a line that I’m into. I have settled on a small budget prize figure of Alter Jeanne.