Monday, March 26, 2018

Metamorforce Black Sarena

 After more than a year from the announce release we are getting the announce release for Black Sarena which ends up in Metamorforce lineup. The toy will be released around mid year which is about the same time like Baikanfu Last year costing 37000 Yen which is very pricey. Since i had Kotobukiya kit alrd i wont be getting this one but even if i don't have the former i won't be getting Metamorforce because Sentinel's price is too high. Out of all Black Sarena Toy no doubt Sentinel's would be the best in terms of sculpt but it doesn't Justify  the price is almost triple the amount of a Gokin toy released years ago which have the armor purge gimmick and i doubt articulation would be stellar either. I am rather curious what makes Sentinel set their price this high since Bandai could make one for half of the price if they really want it. Black Sarena holds quite a special place since i played ACE 3 and its Armor Purge gimmick is a huge plus too. So it really pains me that these kind of mecha find difficulty to get their toys released and would be pricey if they had one due to the market model. In any case i think Gravion would cost about the same as well and i wonder what Sentinel had in store after Gravion.

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  1. Sentinel’s pricing is indeed too steep for a toy. At times a wiser choice would to settle with model kit. I kind like the basic more so I built my own kit like this