Monday, March 19, 2018

Starting Konosuba PS Vita VN

 Well Japanese PSN Got some sale on 5Pb titles and i used this opportunity to buy Konosuba Visual Novel which is like 50% off. With 3rd season of the series having a long way to go, the game provides some decent temporary relief. Since i had played couple of VNs in Japanese before, it is not that hard for me to read Konosuba since it falls on easier side for a Japanese VN though the readability is still around 60-70%. The premise of Konosuba VN is about Kazuma finding a cursed ring that makes him unconsciously steal girl's underwear and the shenanigans he do to gather enough money to undo the curse before the Heroines kill him. The story won't be anything special but the game is very good at fanservice as expected. Since i am a fan of Aqua, i will be aiming for her route on my first playthrough, hoping her ending would be worthwhile.

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  1. I didn’t know Konosuba has game too! Now that you mentioned, I should go catch up on the anime season 2 soon! Cheers for Darkness!