Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Plastic Memories

 Got interested with this anime since Sora Amamiya starred on this one before her role as Aqua in Konosuba. Turns out Plastic Memory is not so bad but still an unfinished product since it abandons its world building halfway. As a teenage romance, the series did a great job but due to the lack of world building, the tragedy parts doesn't really hit the mark. The essence of the Plastic Memories is about making the most out of the available opportunity even if it is a short one. If i would make the comparison, Plastic Memories is somewhere in between Chobits and Noboru Sora. I think there are plenty of things that the animating studio wanted to explore with this series but i think i this is one of those anime that got budget constraints thus limited option. I think i will give the PSVita game an opportunity considering i do like Sora Amamiya's role as Isla in this series.

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