Friday, March 16, 2018

Small World Storage Solution

 Small World is one of the more colorful Boardgame out there as it is a territorial control game jam packed with assortments of Races competing to be the dominant ones. With its popularity, Small World got plenty of Expansions and thus the original box will not able to contain all of the components once you starting to collect expansions.

 For the Storage of Small World with all of the expansions that i had, i used a vintage suitcase that i had unused. So far i manage to get most of the Small World Expansions with Underground save for The new Maps, Tales&Legend and Realms though i will get the latter two eventually.  For the decorations of the suitcase i use Racial Tokens and Profile stickers for the exterior since it was the main appeal of the Boardgame. And for the interior i used the Game tokens to enhance the atmosphere. While my collection nowhere worth as much as the Designer version of the game, a Custom Storage solution enhance the value of the Original Boardgame as you instill your own value to the game. I think i am quite satisfied with my work on Small World's storage solution and it is likely i will make another one as i find a boardgame that i am taken a fancy on.

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