Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pacific Rim: Uprising Thoughts

 Got a ticket for the Premiere yesterday since my company helped to set up the Toy display booth at one of the Cinema in Jakarta. I was quite hyped with the second Pacific Rim since i liked the first movie but i kinda overhyped on this one. Overall the formula of the Pacific Rim Rising stays the same with the original with minor tweak here and there. however in the end it falls behind the First Movie. The main problem of the second movie falls on the supporting characters, Jaeger Design and battle scenes. While the Main Character is fine, using Teenager as Jaeger Pilots kinda tones down the seriousness of the series. The first movie had better Jaeger Design Overall and as usual in the second movie, Gipsy Family always got the main attention. My favorite Jaeger in Uprising would be Ajax November but unfortunately that one doesn't have much screen time. But what Pacific Rim Uprising did better than The first Movie is setting up the possibility for a Sequel though by this time i look forward more to an Animated series than a Movie since Movie format had too much restriction. So in the end Pacific Rim Uprising falls on mediocre side as it kinda waste much of its opportunities.

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  1. I went watching with my boys and I’m glad they enjoyed the movie. It may not leave that strong of any impression like the first. Still I like the movie a lot for the monster and mecha! Just glad that we have a sequel after many years. The human story is secondary to me in the movie and is fine that there are some continuation and casts from previous movie.

    1. It is the long wait that disappoint me since the producing team does not make use the time gap to the fullest but i guess it has to do with Del Toro not helming the Project