Tuesday, May 1, 2018

MG SEED 2.0 overall thoughts

 I have finished assembling MG Freedom 2.0, Providence and Justice Gundam two weeks ago for my Company's store display. Since i get my hand to fiddle around the kits, might as well share my brief opinion about them. For these three kits, i just do a straight build then do some panel line and apply decal with Matte Top Coat as finishing touch. Overall these Three Master Grade look impressive and maintain decent articulation without any Polycaps in the frame. However MG Freedom 2.0, Providence and Justice all share same main issue for being a Backpack heavy Gundam so don't expect some dynamic action without Action Base assistance with Justice Gundam being the worst of the three. Surprisingly I find Providence Gundam being my Favorite MG out of three despite i am a big Athrun fanboy. I think this is because i feel that Providence had the right amount of weight while Freedom feels rather scrawny where as Justice has serious back issues. By assembling these 3 SEED MG i got better understanding of these three mechas and i never expect Providence had that many DRAGOON Ordinance attached to it. While it is not much here are the rest of the shots i took for these three kits which i will take more when i built them for myself.

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