Friday, June 11, 2010

1/144 Alteisen Nacht Review

Doing Review on my 1/144 Alteisen Nacht, simply awesome Palette Swap for Alteisen.

I have finished this kit few months ago and at that time my skill is not good enough. Basically Alteisen Nacht is alternate color of Alteisen in order to trick DC in one mission though it doesn't work. But Alteisen in Shadow Mirror verse was blue in color as well and apparently more sinister compared to a normal Alteisen.

The cool thing out this kit compared to normal Alteisen is that this kit include Shishioh Blade as the additional weapon and this kit has same price with normal 1/144 Alteisen which makes this kit is pretty rare and if you guys want to get one perhaps try Ishop2go. I got one from some canadian online store and it took 4 months for my package to arrive -_- .

I painted some parts of this kit since it looks really dull when it is unpainted, most of the parts that i paint is in gold color.

The Shishioh Blade comes unpainted in Gray color, so you need to paint to be the same with the one in the instruction booklet

Heavy Claymore!, it is quite a pin to set up in this pose since the hatch part is really pretty rigid.

Shishioh Bureeeeeeido! awesome additional weapon indeed, but the horrible articulation of this kit render the pose to be limited. Articulation has been major problem for SRW kits.

Comparison with the Alteisen Riese, Riese looks more bulkier indeed but Nacht is pretty good as well, if you guys don't want to get Riese due to the price perhaps getting Nacht is a good alternative as well.

I would recommend any SRW mecha fan to get this kit, but Paint is necessary to make this kit look very good.

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