Sunday, June 6, 2010

1/72 VF-1J(WIP)

Finished constructing 1/72 VF-1J and here are some pictures of it:
i haven't finished decalling yet but will post pictures of it later.
           An excellent kit from Hasegawa as expected from manufacturers of Airplane Model, the details are really amazing and stand out of other Macross kits makers like Yamato or Bandai though it is not transformable. Hasegawa trades of the transformability for the details of the kits, i made 2 models from Hasegawa previously and i am pretty content with the result.

            The time it took for me to finish this kit is around 8-10 hours since it is Level 3 Kits which usually demand modeller to be careful in making this model since there are some parts which are very small and fragile, for this kit it is the wheel part in particular.

             I sand to hard this time i guess or probably using too rough sandpaper type which is not suitable for this type of kit, my marking is not good either, too many residue remaining in the parts, if i am able to clean it, the model would look really good already.

In this kit there is no any pilot model included in here, never the less, the cockpit detail looks really great.

The thing that i like from Hasegawa is that the clear parts blend really well with colours

At least i don't mess up the wheel part like some of the previous models before. I will post the completed version once i finished decalling it.

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