Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1/35 Lancelot Royal Coating version Review

My first Code Geass model and i like it.

I don't really like Code Geass mecha actually since the design doesn't really suit me but at least some of the mecha looks good like Lancelot. The pilot of Lancelot is Kururugi Suzaku who is the best friend of the Main Protagonist though end up fighting each other due to different factions.

I happen to find this on sale in HLJ and it was a good deal, 60% off otherwise i am unlikely going to buy this kit ince it cost almost 4000 yen and i am not a fan of Code Geass.

As expected from Bandai, the overall quality of the kit are superb since the articulations is pretty excellent. I managed to make this kit with less nubs since i learned from my past mistakes though for the metallic parts there might be some of it, since i am unable to sand those parts.

This kit is slightly taller compared to your average 1/144 gundam kits, since it is /35 scaleand the actual height for KMF is around 4-5 Metres, pretty small compared to normal heights of gundam.

This kit is also come with unpainted Suzaku model which is proportional to the size of the KMF, i painted the hair black since i don't have brown gundam marker but at least it looks nice enough ^_^.

The cockpits is pretty detailed, sorry for the blurry picture.

Lancelot comes with several armaments, and the weapons shown on the pics above is known as V.A.R.I.S, your beam rifle ripoff which is pretty strong armaments since the standard gun for KMF is Machine guns.

Second weapon is Slash Harkens, multi purpose grappling hooks which distinguish KMF with other mechas, i forgot whether Lancelot come with 2 or 4 Slash Harkens

and last is Maser Heat sword which look pretty nice. I prefer the normal Lancelot rather than the Albion Version since Lancelot Albion look rather unoriginal and seems to be Strike Freedom ripoff for me. If you are Code geass fan then i would recommend to get this kit, otherwise just find another kits to build.

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