Sunday, June 13, 2010

1/144 Knight of Gold Version 3 Review

Finished my 1/144 K.O.G or Knight of Gold ver. 3 from Five Star Stories

Here is the Boxart:

 and the finished kit:
So far it is the hardest Level 3 kit that i had worked on @_@.

Knight of Gold is the Mortar Headd created by Amaterasu King of AKD as a promise for His Wife, Lachesis who requested that she would like to marry Amaterasu under a shiny gold Mortar Headd. The version 3 of K.O.G really looks like the one during the AKD ceremony before the Invasion of Black Three which is when the K.O.G is first shown to the public. This Mortar Head is used by Amaterasu and Lachesis as the Fatima, though during the war in Kalamity Goddarce this Mortar Headd disappear along with Lachesis. The heartbroken Amaterasu later created K.O.G 2 or Patraqushe Mirage as memorial for his wife.

Wave did a great job on making this kit, the sculpting is pretty detailed. Definitely this kit is not for beginners since there are some parts which are very delicate like the rope parts on the back of the model, and you need to paint the whole parts since they don't come in colour. Probably due to the handicap, the FSS kits are not really popular to general modeller.

This kits is not really 1/144 scale in reality since the height of this kit once finished is 18 cm which is 1/100 scale rather than 15 cm, K.O.G comes with the longbow which is probably ornamental since i never see the longbow has any practical use in the manga. This kit also comes with 4 Speids one is with the scabbard and the rest can be equipped on hand for poses. As for Articulation, don't expect this kit to rotate like your average gundam kits. the torso don't have articulations at all and for the limbs it is very limited. Nevertheless i am satisfied with this kit as i am a fan of FSS. I should get Primer when i am going to work on Mirage Sarion

The head parts, so far is the hardest part to attach, but at least i managed to attach it.

I used too much black marker for the rear parts of the head, i used gundam marker since my marking pen is too thin for this kit.

Broke one of the ropes, but managed to re-attach it with sticky tape later.

some of the parts may not painted evenly since my Gold gundam marker broke during the painting, i guess i should get another gold marker when i get Patraqushe Mirage.

Mirage Knights! under command of Amaterasu, Forward!! for AKD!!!, it will be really cool pose if there are some LED Mirage behind


  1. Hi Yami.
    Thx for your reviewing.
    l ve plan to buy KOG kits fron
    but i don t know which version better

  2. Depending on your taste really, Ver 3 is the flashiest, but i think the Vanilla one is still more iconic of all KoGs.